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Updated: Sep 30, 2020

by The Prestige (Malaysia)

October 2018 Issue


The surroundings of your dining experience matter just as much as the food itself.

When one pays to eat out, one not only pays for the food, one also pays for the ambience. As hard as it is to believe, the atmosphere of a restaurant really does enhance the overall experience. If you’re still not sold, try dining at Vantador.

Nestled in Desa Sri Hartamas, Vantador is a steakhouse that boasts three stories, each with décor dedicated to satisfy even the establishment are also no mere decoration, as each was sought by the owners in their travels. Most discerning of customers. Famed for their dry-aged steaks, namely the Rubia Gallega, the commitment of Vantador towards dry-aged steaks is made known as soon as one arrives at the entrance, with German-made coolers showing off the different cuts of meat in the midst of their dry-ageing process.

While all three floors are decorated to satisfy different standards of different customers, they all carry the same overall theme, that being the perfect balance between traditionalism and modernism with the words rustic, warm and cosy bound to come to mind. The ground floor is also home to the asado grill. Custom made, the asado grill is the only one in Malaysia, ensuring the fine art of authentic Argentinean grilling, which celebrates the union that is purely meat and grill. With the presence of the asado grill where diners can watch the action of their food getting prepared, it takes only the most observant to notice the other surroundings of the ground floor. A hallmark to the keen eye to detail of the founders, the wall itself was a product of the craftsmanship of the owners themselves, as their need to replicate their vision exactly forcing their own hand. The antiques located around the establishment are also no mere decoration, as each was sought by the owners in their travels.

The first floor is the bar area of Vantador. The perfect location for the after-meal drink, the first floor provides the utmost relaxing atmosphere. Boasting a wide array of wines and liquors, one can enjoy a cigar while sipping on a favoured drink, probably reflecting on the magnificent meal they just had.

The second floor is designed for privacy. Unlike the ground floor that houses the asado grill, the second floor has no distractions, no gimmicks, just the diner and his food. Providing two private rooms, each carrying its own uniqueness. The first private room, which accommodates a party of 10, overlooks a portion of Sri Desa Hartamas. Along with the dining table, the room also has sofas where parties can relax and converse. Located by windows where ventilation is at its optimum as to avoid disruption to other diners, the room is exclusively smoke permitted. At the end of the third floor lies a simple bookshelf, or so one thinks. A slight pull of one end of the shelf reveals a secret door, which is where the second private room is located. A private room for 8, it contrasts to the private room whereby it’s significantly smaller, but not in a bad way either. If anything, it’s a total different dimension to the other private room as it’s homier, adding a bit more warmth and a sense of closeness to the room.

So yes, when one pays for a meal, one also pays for the ambience. And with three very different yet

similar floors at Vantador, you’re bound to get your money’s worth.

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